I was waiting for my priority number to be called when I accidentally heard over a conversation of two college students about their dorm/ rommate experiences. That certain moment a pin touched my memories.

Back in College I was admitted to an all girls dormitory, I was anxious to meet two new strangers to live with for the upcoming entire 4 years. My mom always told me to be tidy and oriented and be friendly, so I formed a big smile as I entered the room but no response was given. All two girls were so cold. But it was okay for me as long as they won’t treat me bad.

Days past, College system started to drain me with loads of works and sleepless nights preparing for exams after exams. Still, I haven’t known the names of these strangers; one is a 4th year student as written on her bullettin boards and the other is a freshman like me.

I turned a blind eye and kept doing what I am doing, we have quiet nights and busy mornings, we have small talks like “ako muna mauunang maligo” “after you” words still vivid. We kept our things organized and tidy, we have that voluntary spirit to sweep the floor, clean the cr, we were just like vibes but not close yet.

Not until the 10th of august happened, a new member of our room was introduced. She was a 3rd year student from another College. She was so bubbly and I smiled at her too. She occupied the space near the cr it was tidy given we maintained the entire room tidy.

We were so okay not until the fifth night when we were all settled to sleep by 12 midnight, I finished reviewing my notes, and the Ate senior and the freshman was asleep already.

By 1:30 I heard some awful laugh, as if it was from a d3vil woman as heard from movies, I got scared so I kept my eyes shut but my senses were so active. I listened to the entire conversation.

Verbatim (someone recorded it)

New girl: Hübarin mo na kasi yung shorts mo
Ka-call niya: I was h*rd, nakakahiya. Ikaw nalang.
New girl: Oo nga naman what’s the use of letting you see this wala ka naman dito to t*ste it.
New girl: Gusto mo dila*n ko yan? gaya nito?

(more landian pa na sobrang kadiri pakinggan)

Ka-call niya: Uy baka marinig tayo ng mga kasama mo, may tao ba diyan?
New girl: Baliw, I was alone in this place, di sabi ko Mom rented this room for me para makapag aral ng mabuti.
Ka-call niya: Nice

I was cultured shock napa-sign of the cross nalang ako, what’s with this dirty stuff, I can’t sleep literal, I was used to sleep in a quiet place at home same before nung dumating itong new girl.

Yes it was the new girl talking to someone over her phone, no headsets. Inumaga sila ng usap so do I, hindi na ako naligo knowing I have an exam at 7:30 galit ako oo, kasi walang sensitivity o respeto sa katawan yung new roommate namin.

After taking my exam I had an hour break so instead umuwi sa dorm nag stay ako sa canteen kesa naman makasama ko yung new girl. Sarap niyang batuhin ng tsinelas.

I was eating my pancake nang biglang may kumalabit sa akin, to my surprise it was my senior rommate. Tapos biglang umupo sa harap ko yung rommmate kong freshman.

I was like: nakatulog kayo, sabay silang umiling.

Then suddenly the freshie played a recording of the conversation last night. Naiinis ako super pero after namin mapakinggan nun we all laughed, we exchange names and tried to solve the situation.

We tried to confront our new girl at the dorm but guess what nagalit kasi daw personal issues niya daw yun at nakikialam daw kami. Like get a solo place if ganyan ka nakakahiya.

Ate senior shared to us na may boyfriend din siya but everytime she and her boyfie talked over the phone lumalabas siya ng room at sa lobby tumatawag. That’s respect.

So we three decided to transfer in a condo together and we live in peace, when ate graduated si sissy freshie kasama ko and even on our graduation Ate senior was there, and our friendship lasts kahit ngayon na may mga pamilya na kami.

Lesson: learn to be sensitive especially if that place was rented because lahat kayo nagbabayad to have a comfortable sleep, a good place to stay away from home. Sexy calls conversations suppose to be private mahiya ka naman. Common sense nalang yung RESPETO.

So God bless sa lahat ng dormers, at nag-stay sa places away from home to study.


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1 year ago

Sinamoal ako ng katotohanan na d ko kaya mag condo WHAHAHA

Midnight ☆
Midnight ☆
Reply to  Noodlesthegreat
1 year ago

🤣😅 same

Ming Ming
Ming Ming
1 year ago

Yan ang blessing in disguise, yung nagkalapit kayo dahil sa isang tao haha. Love this friendship story ❤️

Reply to  Ming Ming
1 year ago

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