“Hindi ch€ating ‘yung pagbili ng n*d€s at pagsâs*rili dahil ikaw naman iniisip ko,” sabi ng bf ko noong nahuli ko siya…

He buys n*d€s. I caught him. He said I’m the one h€’s thinking of when h€’s doing ‘it’. Isn’t it consid€r€d as ch€ating?

He says he did not ch€at coz he thinks that’s me. He did those multiple times, got sc*mm€d on his first.

Also, found out that HE WANTED TO HAVE *THING* WITH A GIRL near his place. And it’s still not ch€ating?

Is that how you guys think? It’s not ch€ating unless it’s done face-to-face? What a joke.

Freya, 2022, BSA, *Confidential

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